On the road for the summer!


Touring: Beauty and the Beast – presented by Compass Creative Dramatics

This summer, Andrew is on tour with Scott Sawa (when pronounced correctly, rhymes with “hot lava”) directing and acting in CCD’s brand new play, Beauty and the Beast ! This time, he’s playing Scruffy, the lead rat (no dishes in this version…Disney copyrights…), and Scott is playing Major Oak, head of the park rangers (yes, there are park rangers in this version, and they are excellent). It’s a quirky, funny, and very different version of the classic French fairytale, and he is having a blast directing and acting alongside kids from all over the midwest and a few states in the south. To find out more about what CCD does, visit their website.

Plot summary

As their beloved books disappear off the shelves, Beauty and her team of local librarians embark on a quest to rescue them from the city sewers. There, they find the Beast and his henchmen searching desperately to cure the curse that has transformed them all into animals of the lowest degree. Amidst dancing pigeons, ticklish books, and enchanted blue roses, Beauty and the Beast learn that it’s only by working together that they can save the day.​